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Josh Jennings(non-registered)
Amazing depth! Wow Patti has the vision, she is so much fun to work with and her smile will light up the room. I'd recommend her for any occasion, and oh ask her to bring her instruments too.
Thanks-Josh Jennings
Joshin the Giants
What amazing photos by Patti! Key ingredients included Patti's patience, humor and flexibility with my unenthusiastic kids. She could not have been quicker in getting my pictures to me and attending to every detail. My family loved the portraits I gave for Christmas. Thank you so much, Patti.
Greg and Shelly New(non-registered)
Patti is awesome! She did our maternity shoot several months ago and we loved every minute of it! We loved her creative shots and she was fun to work with. She will be doing our family photos in a couple of weeks, and we are very excited!
Amanda Scott(non-registered)
Patti is AWSOME! She is very nice and kind person. She capturedour family photo's so well. She had great idea's. She was great with our kiddos. She made sure we were happy with everything before finishing. Thank you soon much for capturing our family portrait. They are all so good.
Marie Lebo(non-registered)
Our family first meet Patti at a neighborhood event, where she took some amazing photos of our son. Not easy to do! Since then, she has been available to do some photos for us of him at the local park, library and even took some of our new cat. She has a great personality, is always a pleasure to be around. and our son adores her. I can't wait to work with her again!
Patti did an amazing job! She did an incredible job interacting with my daughter to capture beautiful moments. She was so laid back and in the background while taking the pictures yet involved and very professional. I haven't been this pleased with with any of the other professional pictures we have had taken. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants great artistic pictures! I will definitely be contacting her for more in the future to capture more special moments!!!
Candy Holden(non-registered)
Patti is a resident in our neighborhood West Crossing & has been coming to our neighborhood events & taking pictures. She is such a pleasure to be around. She always has a smile on her face & is a natural behind the camera lens. She takes photos with ease & captures some really priceless pictures that are natural & not posed. You can sense her being confident behind the camera yet being at ease with snapping away at her subjects. She has a God given talent that few even achieve with years of experience. We have been so delighted with all the pictures she has captured in our neighborhood. Thanks Patti!
Rayna Woolbright(non-registered)
So, it's been a year since I last left a message, and I am pleased to report that the quality of Patti's craft continues to evolve. She has superior command of the camera, making the viewer feel as if they are looking directly at the intended and not just another 'snapshot'. It is nearly impossible to define what makes art, Art. Does the artist cast a spell that draws us in? Or, does the experience come from within ourselves? However you define it, you will know it when you see it in Patti Richardson's photography. I look forward to being spell-bound in the future. Thank you for sharing the world from your perspective.
Jeffrey Brooks - The Bodarks(non-registered)
Patti has the eye of an artist. She's now captured two of our "hootenannies" in a way that conveys the energy and fun of the shows visually. Knowing where and when to shoot is a true talent of hers.
Vital Dental(non-registered)
Patti is very professional, courteous, and hard working!! She worked on the pictures for our dental office and the results were great! Highly recommend her to everyone!

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